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Highly Effective and Targeted ads for Your Product and Image

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Highly targeted display ads
  • On influential websites worldwide
  • Highly effective for branding within the music industry and driving targeted traffic to your target
Our ads are predominantly seen by GRAMMY- WINNING -, NOMINATED - and GRAMMY- Voting members, executives, major labels, managers, producers, licensors, agents, selected celebrities and music industry influencers.
Chances are an ad brought you to this site. Chances are you are active within the music industry. We drive traffic from different fields to different sites. The fact that you 're in entertaiment and saw our entertainment ad, is a testimony to our highly effective targeting.
Take advantage of our vast experience and resources within the field of marketing and the entertainment industry.
THE SOIRÉE provides our customers with custom made ads at affordable prices. (Many artists and labels also include THE SOIRÉE display ads for their GRAMMY promotions)
Request to spread the word of your product/brand/image now and contact us at


THE SOIRÉE is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or licensed by The Recording Academy and has not asked or received permission from The Recording Academy to use its GRAMMY trademark; The term “GRAMMY® Week” or “GRAMMY® Weekend” is solely for the purpose of informing the public of the time of the event.







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